"The Extra Man"
CI, Episode 1.06
Production number: E2106
First aired: 28 October 2001
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Roy Markham
Written By
Marlane Gomard Meyer

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the brutal murder of a European con man.




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"I bet you think you would make a good detective."
"I would make the best detective. Do you know why? Because I understand human behavior. You should make such a study, Detective Goren."

- Robert Goren and Didier Foucault

"Here's George W.'s address in Texas."
"Really? I have a letter from Donald Trump thanking Dupont for his "timely advice." And he misspells the word "investment"."
"You'd think Trump's secretary would use spell check."

- Alexandra Eames

"You have one chance to take your chestnuts out of the fire."

- Robert Goren

"The maid said he was good looking. This makes him look like all three of the Three Stooges."

- Alexandra Eames

"Why would an heir to the Dupont fortune need phony character references?"
"Low self-esteem?"

- Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames

"If a guy was picking my wallet and my bed, I'd want him whacked, too."

- James Deakins

"Conviction for assault, assault, assault..."
"A collector."

- Alexandra Eames and Robert Goren

"10 to one he'll call me back. He has something to prove to me one."
"10 to one?"
"I've taken him on before, Mr. Carver. I'm down 18 bucks."

- Robert Goren, Ron Carver and Alexandra Eames

"Don't tell me you feel sorry for this guy."
"Someone to teach you how to ride a bike, two people that think you're special, makes a difference."
"Some people get by on a lot less."
"They shouldn't have to."

- Ron Carver and Robert Goren

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Home of Roy
And Sydney Markham
31 East 70th Street
Wednesday, March 7

Apartment of
Denis Dupont
248 West 53rd Street
Wednesday, March 7

Office of
The Medical Examiner
Thursday, March 8

Apartment of
Felix Perez
23 Pitt Street, Brooklyn
Monday, March 12

Accounting Office
One Police Plaza
Tuesday, March 13

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Interrogation Room
Major Case Squad
One Police Plaza
Saturday, March 17

Arraignment Court
Part 47
Wednesday, March 21

Internal Revenue Service
Criminal Division
290 Broadway
Monday, March 26

Arraignment Court
Part 63
Thursday, April 12

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