"The Fertile Fields"
L&O, Episode 2.19
Production number: 67425
First aired: 7 April 1992
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Cragen The Fertile Fields
Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin & René Balcer

Directed By
Ed Sherin

A corpse of a badly burned Jewish jeweler is found in an alley.




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"Banks kill with a thousand cuts, not a blow to the head."

- Benjamin Stone

"Mike, I've had week-old flounder that smelled better than this!"

- Donald Cragen

"Damn Indian winter."
"That's Indian summer, you idiot, there's no such thing as an Indian winter."
"A winter this cold, it's gotta be somebody's fault."
"So you blame the Native Americans?"
"Well, you have anyone better to blame?"
"See, that's the problem with today's society, that assumption. Bad stuff doesn't just happen to you, somebody caused it to happen."
"Keeps us in business."

- Officer #1 and Officer #2

"Hate crimes are crimes of fear. They're spontaneous. The bodies usually don't get moved."

- Phil Cerreta

Background information and notes

  • This episode is inspired by the Crown Heights Riot of 1991. The Crown Heights Riot was a three-four day riot that occurred in August of 1991 in the Crown Heights neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. The riots began on August 19, 1991 after a prominent Hasidic Rabbi called Rabbi Schneerson, who was returning from a regular visit to his father-in-law's grave, was crossing through an intersection when it was hit by another car and veered out of control, striking and killing 7-year-old Guyanese youth Gavin Cato. There were numerous acts of violence were committed against Jewish citizens in the area. One historian described the riot as "the most serious anti-Semitic incident in American history". (Source: Crown Heights riot at Wikipedia)

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The Wendall Building
573 7th Avenue
Friday, February 16

District Attorney's
Conference Room
Tuesday, May 8

Supreme Court
Trial Part 48
Monday, May 14

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