Law and Order
"The Five Hundredth Episode"
SVU, Episode 23.06
Production number: 23006
First aired (US): 21 October 2021
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th of 502 released in SVU
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Teleplay By
Brianna Yellen & Julie Martin

Story By
Brianna Yellen & Warren Leight

Directed By
Juan J. Campanella


Amaro asks the Special Victims Unit for help in clearing a convicted man's name and brings a figure from Benson's past back into her life.


Benson arrives at the precinct and has a talk with Fin, telling him of her discussion with Noah about her mother. Fin can tell she gave a short answer before bringing up a suspect who just walked in. Benson asks has he said anything yet but Fin says he requested to speak to the Captain. The pair enter the interrogation room where Rollins is with the man who turns around and says he is guilty. He is revealed to be former SVU detective Nick Amaro; the two share a hug with after not seeing each other in years.

After the DNA is matched, Burton tells Benson that Ian will need a lawyer to help him out but she tells him that she has the right person in mind. Ian is represented by Trevor Langan who is requesting to Carisi that Ian be released because of the new evidence against Murray. Ian agrees and wants Murray to pay for this.

Murray is later taken to trial and seeing the reactions of Joyce and suffering an emotional turmoil. He tells his lawyer that he wants to change his testimony before he confesses to the rape and murder. His statement leaves his wife and Mrs. West in shock while he admitted every detail of the murder and expresses heavy remorse for his actions. Seeing all of this, Carisi, Amaro, Burton and the detectives are stunned by this admission. Despite his lawyer trying to silence him Murray tells everyone that he's guilty sincerely apologizing for everything he did and voicing how has never forgiven himself.


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Amaro And Rollins Catch Up - Law & Order: SVU Deleted Scene
Amaro Asks Carisi To Keep An Eye On Rollins - Law & Order: SVU Deleted Scene

Background Information and Notes[]

  • This is the only episode in the Law & Order franchise to be named after the episode number of a series.
  • This episode has the most former main characters appearing out of any episode in any show in the franchise, with three. Nick Amaro and Donald Cragen return after a six year absence, their last appearance being in the sixteenth season. Melinda Warner also appears in this episode in her first episode of the season. If counting flashbacks, the total would be five as Casey Novak and Elliot Stabler appear in flashbacks.
    • Cragen appears in all new footage, but only appears via a video conference and a Facetime call.
    • If counting main characters from all of the franchise, three former main characters appear as guests in the season 13 episode "Scorched Earth" as it has two SVU main characters, Alexandra Cabot and Melinda Warner, along with Michael Cutter from Law & Order.
  • Amaro is revealed to be working for a company called Forym, "solving cold cases", which as Olivia Benson puts it "seems like a good fit for you". This is likely a reference to his actor, Danny Pino, starring on the crime drama Cold Case.
    • Ironically, Amaro mentions hating working on old cases in the episode "Perverted Justice".
  • A long running thread about Olivia Benson being in a relationship with an older man when she was a teenager is revisited in this episode, with the man being revealed to be Burton Lowe. It was first mentioned in the season 1 episode "Wanderlust"; a flashback from this episode is shown with Benson discussing the relationship with Elliot Stabler. She further discussed this with Casey Novak in the season 6 episode "Intoxicated" with a flashback from that episode shown several times throughout the episode.
  • Serena Benson, Olivia's mother, appears in a flashback from the first episode of the series, "Payback".
  • Steve Roth returns after a five year absence, his last appearance being in the seventeenth season.
  • Melinda Warner mentions an ME Rodgers who worked on the case in 1996, which is likely a reference to Elizabeth Rodgers.
  • Olivia mentions she went on a romantic trip to Paris with someone. The person she is referring to is Ed Tucker, who suggested they go on that trip in the episode "Heartfelt Passages".
  • Andrea Malone mentions she wanted to be a writer. In real life, the actress playing her, Victoria Pollack, actually works in the SVU writers room and co-wrote the episode "Turn Me On Take Me Private".
  • Burton Lowe's hotel room at the Plaza is #500, referencing this being the 500th epsiode.
  • Two deleted scenes from this episode were posted on the Law & Order social media accounts (reposted in the video section above):
    • One deleted scene shows Amaro and Amanda Rollins having a catchup conversation about their lives while looking for the evidence in Haley West's murder (the episode only shows the end when they find the evidence). Amaro mentions that his daughter, Zara, is 15 (he mentions that later to Benson in the episode proper), he is now married to Cynthia Mancheno, and that with Zara, he, Cynthia, and Gilberto Mancheno make up a blended family. Rollins tells him about her two kids, Jesse and Billie, and raising them on her own.
    • The other deleted scene shows Amaro going over his testimony with Dominick Carisi, Jr. and talking about how they moved on from being detectives in the Special Victims Unit. Amaro then asks about Rollins and if she's seeing someone, to which Carisi says "not [someone] that she talks about", alluding to his continuing to date Rollins in secret.
  • Trevor warning Benson about Burton is ironic, as his actor is married to her actor.

Episode scene cards[]

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Office Of

The Chief Medical Examiner

421 East 26th Street

Friday, October 15

Spuyten Duyvil High School

Spuyten Dyuvil, Bronx

Friday, October 15

Forym Lab

397 Jay Street

Downtown Brooklyn Saturday, October 16

Apartment of

Joyce West

4571 Delafield Avenue

Riverdale, Bronx

Sunday, October 17

Motions Court

Part 20

Tuesday, October 19

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