"The Good"
CI, Episode 5.22
Production number: 050
First aired: 14 May 2006
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Barek The Good
Teleplay By
Gerry Conway

Story By
Gerry Conway & René Balcer

Directed By
Christopher Swartout


Detectives Logan and Barek work outside their jurisdiction to solve the brutal double homicide of a wealthy married couple in Nassau County. The duo's investigation puts them in conflict with a small-town police detective.


Main cast

Guest cast


Nassau County; Rosalyn; Iraq


It feels like I have a knife to my ankle... which is weird, because I don't even have an ankle anymore.

–Marcus Randolph

I got two weeks left on the job. I'm havin' some fun.

–James Sheridan

Not even a meth head can spend seven grand in two days.

–Mike Logan

Background information and notes

Last appearances of A.D.A. Ronald Carver, Detective Barek, and Captain Deakins. While Deakins's departure was evident to viewers of this episode, Carver and Barek weren't given an onscreen send-off.

Barek would be replaced in Season 6 by Detective Megan Wheeler. Carver was not officially replaced; his role would be taken up by a number of A.D.A.s in future seasons. Carver is the second-longest serving A.D.A. in the Law & Order franchise.

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"The Good"
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