Law and Order
"The Insider"
CI, Episode 1.13
Production number: E2105
First aired: 27 January 2002
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Written By
Elizabeth M. Cosin

Directed By
Jan Egleson

The father of a celebrity is killed, and the detectives uncover a FBI sting operation targeting the mob.




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Ron Carver: Even the FBI can't ignore a federal judge. You heard him, the man wants compelling evidence.
Alexandra Eames: Right, and I want a foot massage from Derek Jeter.

Robert Goren: The club is connected, captain.
James Deakins: The magic gut speaks.

A.U.S.A Emanuel: Your honor, in the absence of compelling evidence, the federal government has the greater interest here.
Ron Carver: There's an interest greater than prosecuting the taking of a life? What law books are you working from?

Gary Wallis: The Aztec Club is off limits; I won't have my agent compromised.
Robert Goren: Then you better pull him out, because as long as it's in the five boroughs, that club's on our beat." (Wallis stands up) "I want to see the tapes – it's a sting operation, I want to see the surveillance tapes!
Gary Wallis: Absolutely not!
James Deakins: You know, I get calls every day from the mayor on down on this case. It sure would be great to tell 'em how helpful the bureau's been.

Robert Goren: Since when does a 20-year old debutante use the word "dagger?"
James Deakins: Maybe she read it in a fashion magazine.

Robert Goren: You used her, John. She was weak and you used her... and that really pisses me off.

Alezandra Eamer: We're just keeping an eye on the neighborhood.
Parking lot attendant: How come?
Robert Goren: Because we're the police.

James Deakins: Tell me she's not a suspect.
Robert Goren: She's a suspect.

John Hampton: And what's doing right in the Goren playbook?
Robert Goren: Fidelity... Bravery... Integrity. "(the FBI motto)"

Alexandra Eames: It's lonely at the bottom.

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