"The Line"
TBJ, Episode 1.09
Production number: 5714
First aired: 22 April 2005
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Written By
Tony Phelan & Joan Rater

Directed By
Richard Pearce

Despite good advice to not re-try the case, Kibre puts a lot at stake to re-try a case where a murderer was released due to falsified evidence.




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"Branch fired him?"
"Nope, he resigned."
"Smart, this way he gets to collect his full pension."
"I don't think that entered into it."
"You give people too much credit."
"You don't give people enough."
"Big risk, calling him to the stand."
"I had no choice."
"Why not wait for Eckhart to crucify him?"
"He would have lied to Eckhart. Then I'd have known that he was giving false testimony."
"He could just as easily lie to you."
"I knew he wouldn't."
"Come on. You've known the guy for fifteen years. You tell me he never lied to you?"
"Yeah, he lied to me. Just not about the law."

- Chris Ravell and Tracey Kibre

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