Law and Order
"The Long Arm Of The Witness"
SVU, Episode 22.06
Production number: 22006
First aired (US): 21 January 2021
First aired (UK): 9 July 2021
First aired (CAN): 20 January 2021
First aired (AUS): 18 March 2021
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Teleplay By
Denis Hamill & Warren Leight

Story By
Denis Hamill & Micharne Cloughley

Directed By
Martha Mitchell


Carisi takes on a powerful judge when he inexplicably dismisses the rape case of a university student.


Holmes reveals that he had believed Gallagher was going to attack him so he secretly recorded the latter speaking as evidence. This left Charles with no choice but to make a deal. Initially agreeing to one year of house arrest and ending his political and law career, Gallagher pleads to sexual misconduct. Judge Lewis asks Carisi if he is satisfied with the outcome as he says his office is. However, Lewis overrules the deal and after admonishing Gallagher in open court about his actions, she changes Charles' deal of one year of house arrest to one year of incarceration in prison instead.

This leaves the jury and Gallagher in complete shock and he tries to bring up how they had a deal but Lewis tells him he should be familiar with how the law has inherent powers. She then orders the court guards to take Gallagher away while the jury applaud her for really ensuring true justice.


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Background Information and Notes

  • The episode title is derived from the phrase "the long arm of the law".
  • Rita Calhoun returns after a long absence, her previous appearance being in the eighteenth season.
  • ADA Isaiah Holmes is promoted to Head of the Civil Rights Unit as of this episode.
  • Rollins mentions to Maya Bell why she left her hometown, which was also explained in the episode "Forgiving Rollins".
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"The Long Arm Of The Witness"
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