Law and Order
Law and Order
"The Pardoner's Tale"
CI, Episode 1.08
Production number: E2112
First aired: 18 November 2001
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Written By
Theresa Rebeck

Directed By
Steve Shill

A reporter who has a history of uncovering police corruption is gunned down in the street and the case leads to the buying and selling of pardons.




Main cast[]

Guest cast[]


15th Precinct; New York Ledger; New York 12th Assembly District Office; White Owl Sanitation; Billy Carter; Donald Nixon; Roger Clinton Jr.


"I know people. People in the Fed. People that owe me favors. I can get someone in so deep even I couldn't find them."

- Robert Goren

"I'm not arresting her."
"Count me out too."
"We're supposed to be better than the people we're prosecuting."

- Robert Goren, Alexandra Eames and Ron Carver

"I've got to see a buddy about a '71 Malibu. Want to come?"
"Sure, I love meeting your buddies."

- Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames

"Declared a fugitive in 1997. I guess that qualifies as travelling."

- Alexandra Eames

"Here, let me highlight it for you."
"That's okay. The search warrant doesn't stipulate highlighting."

- Nawrocki's Secretary and Robert Goren

"Boo! Made you look."

- Robert Goren

"351 four-barrel. Who are you trying to outrun?"
"Whoa. I think I'm in love."

- Alexandra Eames and Lewis

"Give it up, garbage boy!"

- Alexandra Eames

"There they go, down the rabbit hole."

- Alexandra Eames

"That's not going along, Larry, that's stickin' it to ya!"

- Robert Goren

Background information and notes[]

  • Actor John Heard also appeared in Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
  • This episode revealed many resemblances to Geoffrey Chaucer's The Pardoner's Tale, which, like this episode, is a story with characters motivated by greed. The "pardoner" is very much like some of the characters in this episode who are themselves in positions of power, but corrupt.

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