Law and Order
"The Pilgrim"
CI, Episode 2.08
Production number: E3210
First aired: 17 November 2002
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Teleplay By
Marlane Gomard Meyer

Story By
Marlane Gomard Meyer & René Balcer

Directed By
Darnell Martin


Goren and Eames' search for a retired policeman's missing daughter uncovers a terrorist plot.


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Alexandra Eames: Go ahead. Impress me.
Robert Goren: It's Aramaic. It's the language that Christ spoke. Parts of the Old Testament were written in it. But don't ask me what it means.

Alexandra Eames: The more I know, the less I sleep.
K-9 Officer: This corner here is positive for explosives.
Robert Goren: Do you have any idea how much?
K-9 Officer: Judging by the way Homer's bouncing around, I'd say a lot.
Alexandra Eames: So much for sleep.

Robert Goren: He wouldn't be the first person to find God behind bars.
James Deakins: Well... Some people find Allah, some people find Jesus. There are many teams in the league.

James Deakins: Suicide bomber? When the hell did this kid decide that's what he wanted to be when he grows up?
Alexandra Eames: Doesn't look like he's planning to grow up.

Ethan Edwards: I was sent by God.
Alexandra Eames: So were we.

Robert Goren to Ethan Edwards.: "Night after night on my bed, I sought my true love. I sought him, but not found him. I call Him, but He does not answer." In the trade, we call this a "tell", Ethan. You didn't write the verse on Leslie's wall by mistake. You wrote because you were calling out to God. And He's not answering. And you haven't felt this lost since that summer you went to Appalachia when your parents separated. And that is your personal struggle, your jihad. To find connection to something bigger than yourself. And nothing's bigger than God. And the moment you realized you lost connection with Him, was when you were watching Jorge kill Leslie.

Alexandra Eames: God's will.
Robert Goren: Let's hope so.

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All Ashore
Customs Brokers
Weehawken, New Jersey
Friday, November 1

Smokin' Chicken
Brooklyn, New York
Monday, November 4

Home of
Joe & Vera Edwards
Bronxville, New York
Thursday, November 7


Boiler Room
Webster Projects
Bronx, New York
Sunday, November 10

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