"The Troubles"
L&O, Episode 1.20
Production number: 66214
First aired: 26 March 1991
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Teleplay By
Robert Palm

Story By
Dick Wolf & Robert Palm

Directed By
John Whitesell

Mike Logan is forced to face his cultural biases when both a Cuban drug dealer and an Irish insurgent are suspected of killing a Lebanese drug smuggler and gun runner.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A Cuban drug dealer and an IRA soldier are suspected of the murder of a Lebanese drug smuggler and gun runner. Logan must deal with his own bias and sympathy towards the Irish suspect to investigate the crime. The assistant D.A.s must consult with international attaches and members of the New York Anti-Terrorist Division to prosecute the suspects.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Damato: They should send them all back where they came from.
Greevey: What about I-talians, Damato?
Damato: I-talians is different.

They don't cooperate. They think they're God Almighty. A case with Federal prisoners involved? Every time you even want to see one of them you got to see the superintendent of the facility, genuflect going in, coming out of his office.

–Donald Cragen's realistic description about Federal agents

Logan: You know, it’s weird. Two of our grandparents come from the same town. We've both got uncles as priests.
Greevey: And you're both Libras. That's destiny for you.

Come off it, Mike. You forget why O'Connell was going to court? I grew up with the Westies. Nice polite altar boys. They make the sign of the cross when they slit your throat.

–Max Greevey

Looks like a break-dancing chicken wrote this.

–Logan about Arabic faxes

Sheila: I like cops. But only when they're off-duty.
Logan: Was it that obvious?
Greevey: Anybody offering you any undercover assignments?

You don't know? The I.R.A.'s everywhere. In the prisons, on the streets. Maybe even in your own precinct. The Provos, the Sinn Féin...they're all the same. Bloody thugs.

–Sheila to Greevey

McCarter: I'm no terrorist. I'm a soldier.
Mallahan: What he means is, he is a man of conscience.
Stone: What he means is, he is the misguided, romantic dupe of those who consider him completely expendable.

Axelrod: What's the matter with you guys in the D.A.'s office? Got no peripheral vision? Can't you see the big picture?
Robinette: We're just not blinded by it.

O'Connell: May I ask you a question, sir? How with the map of Donegal on your mug, did you ever end up with a name like Stone?
Stone: Happenstance, sir. Same way you ended up with the name of a real Irish patriot.

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1 2 3

Detention Center
280 Warren Street
Monday, May 6

Crescent Market
438 Hester St
Wednesday, May 15

Detention Center
Friday, May 17

4 5 6

McBride's Tavern
450 Hubert St
Tuesday, May 21

U.S Federal
Court House
Thursday, June 6

Supreme Court
Criminal Term
Trial Part 52
Monday, September 2

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