Law and Order
"The Unblinking Eye"
CI, Episode 4.21
Production number: E5424
First aired: 8 May 2005
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Teleplay By
Jim Sterling

Story By
Jim Sterling & René Balcer

Directed By
Frank Prinzi

Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a young actress gunned down on the street after an evening out with her boyfriend.


After a young actress is gunned down after an evening out with her boyfriend, Goren and Eames initially focus their attention on a young man who had showed an unusual interest in the couple, but soon realise that there is more to this case than meets the eye. A jealous and seemingly obsessive ex-girlfriend, a best friend who never made it as an actor, and a grieving boyfriend who seems too good to be true lead Goren and Eames down another path, one where the key to exposing the truth about the present depends on exposing the lies of the past.


Aspiring actors Michael Pike and his girlfriend, Dana, are both shot down on a street corner. Turns out Michael Pike thought up a plan to kill his girlfriend, frame his ex-girlfriend and get publicity as well as hopefully more exposure and auditions with the help of his friend, Ed Lang. Ed shot Dana and Michael to make it look like a robbery but evidence left behind eventually led the detectives to the truth. In the past, Ed had a big break in a movie with Matt Damon but because he was up all night at the bedside of Michael, sick with food poisoning, he wasn't on his game and was replaced. Turns out Michael faked having food poisoning with Ipecac because he didn't want his friend to become famous before he did. The detectives use this to their advantage and eventually persuade Ed to implicate Michael in the murder scheme by telling them that it was all Michael's idea.


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Alexandra Eames, referring to Michael Pike: He even took a bullet in his shoulder to make it look real. Now that's acting.

James Deakins: Someone invited the TV cameras. That was thoughtful.

Alexandra Eames: Nothing like watching a crocodile cry.

Robert Goren: When was the last time you went on a treasure hunt?
Alexandra Eames: How 'bout never?

Diego Cabezas: I've done nothin', I've done nothin'.
Alexandra Eames: That's no way to start a conversation with us, Diego.

Alexandra Eames: She could confess, but where's the fun in that?

Background information and notes

  • In this episode, Matt Damon appears as himself. Although he does not appear on screen, we do hear his voice, and he is referred to by other characters as "Mr. Damon". The following section was placed on the Message Board. The original source is listed as TV Guide, but the link is no longer available.
On Sunday's Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Matt Damon's pipes become a critical piece of evidence in the murder of an aspiring actress. "In the story, one of our [suspects] had a scene in a Matt Damon movie," explains executive producer Rene Balcer. "And Matt's voice can be heard off screen." Balcer wrote the Oscar winner into the script after learning that CI producer Fred Berner was a personal friend of his. "And because of Project Greenlight," Balcer adds, "he seemed approachable and like he would be up for doing this." Of course, "this" didn't require Damon to so much as break a sweat. "We sent somebody to his home with a tape recorder," Balcer confesses. "We make things very easy for people who do us favors."

Prinzi and Jonathan Herron on the director's board.

  • When Ed and Mike are watching the tape of Ed's scene with Matt Damon in the observation room, the names 'Frank Prinzi' and 'Jonathan Herron' are visible on the director's board. Prinzi is the director of this particular episode, and Herron the director of photography.
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