Thomas Mathers
Name Thomas Mathers
Occupation Part-time data entry clerk
Pathology Spree rapist
Family Unnamed mother
Status Imprisoned
Actor Dallas Roberts
First Appearance "Weak"

Thomas Mathers is a homosexual spree rapist and murderer. He initially targeted women suffering from some kind of disability (i.e. paraplegia, mental illness, etc.), but moved on to other victims and became more violent in his attacks. He was unable to find a girlfriend and developed homosexual feelings, which caused him to hate himself and lash out at women, blaming them for his homosexuality.

He was tried and convicted of the rapes and the murder of Laurie Switzer. (SVU: "Weak")

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates:
    • East Lansing, Michigan: Numerous unnamed women (peeped at in a six-year span)
    • Cleveland, Ohio: Committed numerous victimless home invasions
  • 2004:
    • November 13: Miranda Cole (a schizophrenic)
    • November 15:
      • Colleen Heaton (a paraplegic)
      • Samantha Traber (was on maternity)
      • Gina Kownacki (had a bad leg from knee surgery; assaulted and attempted to rape)
      • Laurie Switzer (had no disability; raped and snapped her neck)