Tom Cole (criminal)
Name Tom Cole
Title Sergeant
Occupation Police officer (retired)
Pathology Rapist
Family Unnamed brother
Linda Cole (wife)
Unnamed daughter
Status Deceased
Actor Chris Bauer
First Appearance "Next Chapter"

Sergeant Tom Cole was a retired police sergeant and a suspect in the rape of Quinn Berris, who he saved from a stalker named Ray Wilson four years ago. After raping Berris, he attempted to frame Wilson for the crime through planted DNA evidence, but SVU detectives saw through this after a lengthy investigation.

Realizing this, Cole kidnapped Berris and took her to his brother's farmhouse in Harding Township, New Jersey. After a standoff at the farmhouse, he was shot to death by Lieutenant Olivia Benson after he attempted to shoot Detective Dominick Carisi, Jr. (SVU: "Next Chapter")

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