Law and Order

Chief Thomas "Tommy" McGrath is the Chief of Detectives who has crossed paths with the Special Victims Unit. He is rather impatient when it comes to solving cases and has an intense relationship with the SVU, particularly Benson and Garland.


McGrath has been married to his wife for thirty two years. They have three daughters who go to private school.


McGrath was first mentioned when Garland told Benson that she can report to the chief about his former friend Delman Chase who was under investigation for statutory rape. (SVU: "Garland's Baptism By Fire")

McGrath is first introduced when Benson finds him yelling at Garland after the outcome of the case against Jayvon Brown. McGrath is outraged that a department wide legal decree was a suggestion and storms out of the office. (SVU: "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing")

McGrath is temporarily the commanding officer of the SVU boroughs after Garland leaves his position after the Justin Howard case. McGrath told Benson to directly report to him until the new Deputy Chief comes in. (SVU: "And The Empire Strikes Back")

McGrath is shown to have a political view towards rapes and only wants to find the real rapes, believing that women who have a promiscuous lifestyle are not victims the police should put their time in for. This view causes Benson to boil in rage before she confronted McGrath and told her that she will not turn her back on any victim regardless of their lifestyle. Benson further tells McGrath that if he has a problem with how she does her job he can have it and her badge as well if they do not have an understanding. Taken aback by her defiant nature, McGrath can only tell her he understands and says that he hopes that they can work well now. (SVU: "Never Turn Your Back On Them", "One More Tale Of Two Victims")

Benson tells Tutuola that McGrath is being respectful ever since she confronted him in his office. During a case involving a serial killer, McGrath expresses his disgust towards the case, telling Benson to prosecute whoever did this. (SVU: "They'd Already Disappeared")

McGrath meets Benson and the squad at the hospital after Tommy Baker, a famous athlete, was brutally assaulted and left for dead. McGrath tells them to find whoever did this and close the case. Later, Benson meets with McGrath in his office while he was screaming at his daughter Katie over the phone. McGrath tells Benson that he is dealing with family problems and instructs her not to tell anybody. Tutuola later approaches Benson in her office and claims there were rumors going around about McGrath that the cops were called on him one night. Benson tells Tutuola that she hasn't heard anything about it. After the squad arrests Tommy's assailant, McGrath meets with Benson in her office, and she tells him to consider receiving counseling. (SVU: "Tommy Baker's Hardest Fight")