Toni Howard
Name Toni Howard
Title Captain
Lieutenant (former)
Affiliation NYPD
Division Narcotics Division (former)
Precinct 27th Precinct
Occupation Police officer
Family Mark Howard (son; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Cathy Moriarty-Gentile
First Appearance "Poisoned Motive"
Last Appearance "Amaro's One-Eighty"

Toni Anne Howard is the squad commander in charge of the 27th precinct and Fin's old supervisor in his last two years in Brooklyn Narcotics.


She is first seen as a Lieutenant in the hospital after her son is shot by a sniper that also shot Fin's current partner Detective Rollins. She reveals that he was shot from outside his apartment before being pulled away by a doctor who informs her that her son died on the operating table and breaks down crying as Fin comforts her. She then goes to SVU where Captain Cragen offers his condolences as they try to figure old who is targeting them through their significant others. The sniper is later revealed to be Gloria Montero, the daughter of Fin's old partner Luis from Narcotics who blames the NYPD for her father's injury and is targeting everyone involved. It is also revealed that Toni reported on Luis for working a security job to cover his wife's cancer treatment and had his disability's pay canceled. (SVU: "Poisoned Motive")

She was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain and is later seen when one of her officers responded to an alleged armed drug dealer and was involved in a shooting with Detective Amaro. Captain Cragen explains he is glad that she was the precinct Captain as she is good police and familiar with the squad. She eventually allows SVU to assist the investigation even though they can't be the primaries on the case. She later escorts Amaro and his attorney Rita Calhoun into an office where Lieutenant Ed Tucker is prepared to interrogate him. Captain Howard does her best to protect Amaro but Tucker presses hard and finds the leverage he needs to file charges against Amaro. (SVU: "Amaro's One-Eighty")