Tony Kelly
Name Tony Kelly
Title Iron Cross
Occupation College student
Pathology Rapist
Double proxy rapist
Double proxy assailant
Family Unnamed father
Melanie Pierce (mother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Steven Maier
First Appearance "Revenge"

Tony Kelly is a double proxy rapist who orchestrated the assaults of several people.

History[edit | edit source]

Tony had an obsessive crush on a girl named Carol Solomon in high school and even lied to his mother, Melanie Pierce, saying he went to prom with her. However, in reality, Carol never answered his attempt to ask her out via phone call, subsequently angering Tony. He later joined the online incel community and eventually befriended two other members, Chris Carnasis and Riley Porter. Tony eventually suggested to Chris and Riley that they should trade rapes, attacking the women who wronged the other as a favor. As they did, he got his revenge on Carol by raping her and fatally shooting her boyfriend John Quinn.

After Chris and Riley were arrested for their rapes and assaults, Tony was identified as the third assailant and arrested. The case against him was dismissed at first due to the Special Victims Unit lacking a search warrant for his GPS records when they searched them, but Lieutenant Benson brought Carol to see Tony. Carol didn't remember Tony and became upset, asking Tony why he did what he did. He became angry at her confusion and confessed to his crimes, then tried to attack Carol, but Benson was able to restrain him. Infuriated, Carol told Tony that she never received a voicemail from him and that the phone number he used was someone else's, meaning he raped her and killed John for nothing. Tony was left speechless by the revelation as Benson led him away. (SVU: "Revenge")

Known Victims[edit | edit source]

  • 2018:
    • October 4: Rick Karsch and Anne Whitman (committed by Riley Porter under Tony's orders):
      • Rick Karsch (assaulted; pistol-whipped until he was left unconscious)
      • Anne Whitman (raped at gunpoint)
    • October 5: Paolo Ricci and Beth Palmer (committed by Chris Carnasis under Tony's orders):
      • Paolo Ricci (assaulted; pistol-whipped until he was left unconscious)
      • Beth Palmer (raped at gunpoint)
    • October 6: John Quinn and Carol Solomon:
      • John Quinn (shot in the head; died at the hospital)
      • Carol Solomon (raped at gunpoint)
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