Tony Profaci
Tony Profaci Exiled
Name Tony Profaci
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Division Homicide Department
Precinct 27th Precinct
Occupation Police officer
Pathology Dirty cop
Accessory to murder
Family Shirley Profaci (wife)
Unborn child
Status Imprisoned
Actor John Fiore
First Appearance "The Reaper's Helper"
Last Appearance "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie"

Tony Profaci was a detective on Law & Order from 1990 to 1998.


He worked at the New York City Police Department's 27th Precinct as a homicide detective who mostly assisted the main detectives and usually only appeared for one scene but in almost every show. He was partnered with detective Sammy Kurtz.

In the episode "American Dream", Mike Logan implies that Profaci may not work on many high-profile cases stating that he usually works on "the donut run".

His last appearance was in the TV movie Exiled: A Law & Order Movie. This was when his partner was investigated by Mike Logan for giving information to the Mafia. Profaci stonewalled Logan's investigation and then Logan found out that it had been Profaci taking kickbacks to support his newly pregnant wife Shirley. It started when Profaci was asked by Giancarlo Uzielli to fix a parking ticket for his son Gianni and received $300 for his services. He started looking out for Gianni to receive more money and eventually was called to a motel where Gianni killed a hooker named Suzanne Taylor because she was carrying his baby and threatened to kill Profaci if he didn't help dispose of the body and he agreed.


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