Tracy Harrison
Name Tracy Harrison
Pathology Kidnapper
Family Simon Marsden (ex-fiancé; deceased)
Ty Marsden (son)
Olivia Marsden (daughter with Simon)
Status Alive
Actor Nicole Beharie
First Appearance "Child's Welfare"

Tracy Harrison is Simon Marsden's fiancée and the mother of Ty and Olivia Marsden.


After her children were taken away by NYC Administration for Children's Services, she tried to get them back with the help of Simon's sister Olivia Benson and attorney Bayard Ellis. When this process took too long, she and Simon kidnapped their children after Simon suggested it, but they were subsequently arrested and charged. She was eventually granted custody of her kids as long as she separated from Simon for three years, during which he would be allowed to see them in a supervised setting, and would also have the chance to reunite with them after the three-year period. (SVU: "Child's Welfare")

At some point after this, Simon and Tracy's relationship fell apart, likely due to the strain brought on by the forced separation, and Tracy took the children and left. Simon soon fell out of touch with both them and Benson, and he started using drugs at around the same time, eventually dying of an overdose following an attempt to reconnect with Benson. It was unknown if Tracy ever learned of Simon's death or reconnected with Benson at any point afterwards. (SVU: "Murdered at a Bad Address")

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