"Traumatic Wound"
SVU, Episode 14.21
Production number: 14021
First aired: 1 May 2013
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Written By
Gwendolyn M. Parker & John P. Roche

Directed By
Alex Zakrzewski

The investigation of a gang rape at a concert takes an unexpected twist.


A suburban teen is brutally assaulted when a concert turns into a mob scene. Friends and eyewitnesses give mixed accounts of the event, and Detective Amaro finds himself trying to save the reputation of the prime suspect, a fellow military veteran whose fractured memory could hold the answer to why the girl was targeted.


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Amaro: [to Rollins about Frank Patterson] I don't know what he did or what he saw, but my gut... we don't have his whole story.
Rollins: Oh, your gut. Good lord.
Munch: Rollins, problem?
Rollins: No, Sergeant.

Barba: A New Canaan high school student still unconscious from a mob assault. Bloomberg's splenetic.

Rollins: All right, so these guys... this gang of six. They had nothing to do with setting it up. They were just opportunists. I know this is hard to follow, Counselor.
Barba: No, I get it. It's Benghazi.

Gabby Shaw: I thought they were my friends. I trusted them.
Olivia: Well, if it makes a difference, a man who doesn't even know you went through a lot of trouble to help you.

Rollins: Hey, Nick. Nick, hold up. Hey, Frank came through. You were right about him from the get and I owe you an apology.
Amaro: No. No, you don't. The only reason I caught it... Maria. In hindsight when she came home from Iraq, she was textbook PTSD, and I didn't see it. I took it personally. Think it cost me my marriage.
Rollins: Have you told her that?
Amaro: Well, it's a little late. I don't think she wants to hear it.
Rollins: Maybe the first step is stop beating yourself up.

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Manhattan Mini Storage
570 Riverside Drive
Tuesday, April 2

Al Dente Pizzeria
129 Main Street
New Canaan, CT
Wednesday, April 3

Oenoke Yacht Club
1081 Oenoke Ridge
New Canaan, CT
Thursday, April 4

Fort Grove
Hastings, NY
Friday, April 5

Supreme Court
Part 20
Monday, April 8

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"Traumatic Wound"
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