Tre Davis
Name Tre Davis
Pathology Assailant
Proxy rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jon Michael Hill
First Appearance "Spiraling Down"

Tre Davis is a pimp who used Vicki Harris as a prostitute.


Tre took in Vicki after she ran away from home and bought her gifts to keep her happy. Eventually, he used her as a prostitute, while Vicki remained under the belief that Tre was her boyfriend. Eventually, Vicki had enough and refused to have sex with a man. Tre got angry at her, and when Vicki tried to call her father, Tre took her phone away. Eventually, Vicki's father contacted the Special Victims Unit. Detectives Benson and Amaro were able to rescue Vicki and press charges against Tre. He was later imprisoned. (SVU: "Spiraling Down")

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