Law and Order

Trevor Langan is a high-priced defense attorney who has often crossed paths with the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. He also occasionally takes a few pro bono cases, leading to him helping them.


Trevor is a senior partner at Henshall & Langan. (SVU: "Pure") His clients included pension plan managers; his reputation was such that, when Olivia Benson was framed for murder by a recently-released rapist she and Stabler had arrested, her friends pooled their resources to hire Langan to represent her. (SVU: "Perverted")

Langan seemed to have a good relationship with ADA Alexandra Cabot. They went out on a dinner date together. (SVU: "Angels")

He was also acquainted with Cabot's successor Casey Novak. Novak, who prosecuted White Collar crime before transferring to SVU, claimed that, for the most part, his clients only "screw employees out of pension plans". (SVU: "Serendipity")

Langan takes on cases for young people arrested by SVU, but were also victims at one point. One time, he acted as the attorney for Teddy Winnock, a teenaged pedophile who had been abused by his own father and then started abusing his brother for his online pedophile site. Trevor was very distressed when Teddy refuse to give up his subscribers being in complete denial about his own abuse and being no better than his father. Trevor pleaded to Detective Stabler to let him continue to speak with Teddy so that the latter will give up his subscribers though Stabler was concerned about the state of the younger brother he agreed. Eventually Teddy is kidnapped by his subscribers and after being rescued he agrees to give them all up well-being soon as the counseling for his issues. (SVU: "Web")

He acted as the attorney for sex worker Ellie Porter pro bono until her murder. After her death, he later acted as the attorney of her son Noah. He was then surprised when the Judge allowed Benson to adopt the infant. (SVU: "Spring Awakening")

He was present at the hearing where Benson was allowed to adopt the Noah. He also told the judge that no living relatives of Noah came forward. (SVU: "Surrendering Noah")

Trevor visited Benson at the 16th Precinct, when Noah's biological grandmother Sheila Porter tried to gain custody. She was angry at him for not conducting a thorough search into the Porter family, as he apologized but she wasn't having it. (SVU: "Complicated")

Trevor later represented the runaway pregnant teen Evangeline Miller who wanted an abortion. During the hearing, he was visibly shocked when she revealed that her stepfather had raped and impregnated her. Trevor continued to defend her, and ultimately proved successful in securing Evangeline her right to an abortion. (SVU: "The Burden Of Our Choices")

He later represented Ian Ridley, a man accused of killing his high school girlfriend. It soon became apparent that Ridley was framed, and the real perpetrator was former teacher Roger Murray. After Murray confessed, Trevor asked the judge what the holdup was for Ridley to be released from prison. Ultimately, the court went over the evidence, granting Ridley his release and having his record cleared. Trevor later warned Benson to be wary of Burton Lowe. (SVU: "The Five Hundredth Episode")

Trevor went to the New York Adoption League Fundraising Gala & Silent Auction with Benson as his date. He picked the venue and was the keynote speaker. (SVU: "Video Killed The Radio Star")

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