SVU, Episode 10.01
Production number: 10002
First aired: 23 September 2008
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Noah & Gwen Sibert
Written By
Dawn DeNoon

Directed By
David Platt


Olivia discovers that a case involving a temperamental foster child is tied to a cold rape case from her past, and it could be the missing link that could help catch a serial rapist. At the same time, she is haunted by her sexual assault in prison. Meanwhile, Elliot and Fin are temporarily (and none-too-happily) partnered after Fin's request for a transfer is denied. To make matters more irritating, Elliot finds out that his credit card information has been stolen, and tries to track down the thief. And on top of all that, the SVU meets its new ADA liaison, who is determined to keep them on a tight leash. Ultimately, Elliot learns Kathleen borrowed his credit card without telling him when her boyfriend is arrested using it and she confronts him about it. Stabler and Benson realize the rape was part of a serial rape case, but was never connected as they were unaware the son saw the whole thing.

The two eventually realize that the foster father is the actual rapist and finally catch him when, after he kisses the kid Christopher, they test his DNA and learn that he raped his wife, a rape victim who was the only one he left evidence at. His attempts to get his wife to cover for him, only to get him kneed in the crotch and he accepts a plea deal where he serves the maximum for each rape as Kim Greylek threatens to try it also as a hate crime, which she does not do so the victims can finally get some peace. The young boy's mother decides to move on with her life and work on getting her son back which his social worker promises will happen when its proven she can provide him a safe environment which she plans on doing. At the end of the episode, Benson realizes she needs help dealing with her near-rape and visits a psychiatrist.


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"What's your problem?"

- Christopher Ryan, after wrecking up half a dozen cars.
Elliot Stabler: Am I boring you?
Donald Cragen: Neo-punk to neo-hippie. What is he now?
Odafin Tutuola: Capitalist.
John Munch: Captain, Fin and I are thinkin' of going in on a bar. You wanna buy in?
Donald Cragen: Well gee, John, I don't know. Let me run it by the guys at my next AA meeting.

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  • Fin leaves the keys in the car after driving Elliott and himself to the Lydia Hotel

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Mercy General Hospital
Monday, September 8

Lydia Hotel
109 West 20th Street
Monday, September 8

Morningstar Park
Tuesday, September 9

Alony's Pub
347 Columbus Avenue
Tuesday, September 9

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