L&O, Episode 6.12
Production number: K0114
First aired: 31 January 1996
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Teleplay By
Jeremy R. Littman

Story By
Jeremy R. Littman & Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Martha Mitchell


The search for what appears to be a copycat serial killer results in complications for McCoy, who tackled the original case.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast



Damien: We wasn't doin' nothin'.
Briscoe: Really? And where wasn't you doin' it?

Jack McCoy: You didn't have to take that deal, Claire. We could have won the case.
Claire Kincaid: I know, but I thought that's what you wanted, Jack.

The part I hate about private practice...clients.

–Diana Hawthorne

Background information and notes

  • Hank Chappel from Act of God is mentioned in this episode
  • Jack's withholding of a witness' information regarding motive in Competence is mentioned by Claire as a potential example of his withholding of exculpatory evidence.

Episode scene cards

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Gotham Market
2336 Broadway
Tuesday, November 15

St. Matthews Academy
663 East 73rd Street
Wednesday, November 16

Cheever Academy
229 East 83rd Street
Thursday, November 17

4 5 6 7

Office Of
Diana Hawthorne, ESQ.
21 Exchange Place
Friday, December 2

Institute For
Handwriting Analysis
203 Fifth Avenue
Monday, December 12

Supreme Court
Trial Part 96
Monday, January 23

Supreme Court
Trial Part 96
Tuesday, January 24

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