Law and Order
Law and Order
"Tru Love"
CI, Episode 6.02
Production number: 06004
First aired: 26 September 2006
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Teleplay By
Diana Son

Story By
Diana Son & Warren Leight

Directed By
Norberto Barba


Keith Cooper (Anton Yelchin) is no stranger to his dad's womanizing ways, but when his father winds up dead after his motorcycle is found sabotaged, Detectives Logan and Wheeler find a private video collection of the Doctor's personal conquests When Keith's high-school teacher, Danielle (Anne Dudek) shows up on one of tapes, the detectives assume her jealous husband is to blame. But the case takes a major turn when the detectives find Danielle in the arms of her under-aged student. Keith Cooper eventually confesses to the murder of his father; however, Keith claims it was an accident; he'd only meant to prank his father for sleeping with his teacher/lover and thought he had sabotaged his father's motorcycle to the point where it wouldn't start. Near the end of the episode, we find out that Danielle is pregnant. Keith is excited until Danielle pleads guilty to rape, agrees never to see Keith again, and reveals that she is pregnant with Keith's father's child (which would make the child Keith's half-sibling, not his child).


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Do you know what Mr. Carver calls Major Case? Major hunch.

–ADA Kent, to Logan and Wheeler

[After the authorities pick up Keith and Danielle who were heading for Toronto]
Logan: Oh Canada. Where the age of consent is 14.
Wheeler: And you know this because ... ?
Logan: I'm kind of a Canada buff.
Wheeler: Death by lubricant. Think there's a message in that?
Ross: Logan, how you two making out?
Logan: We're fine. Never had a partner with freckles before.
Ross: Three years undercover: vice, drugs, white collar; no one ever made her.
Logan: Well, I can believe that. She get carded at bars?
Logan: (to Keith Tyler) As long as you're here, maybe you can help us out. We're looking for some of your dad's... we're looking for, uh... (gives up) Wheeler?
Wheeler: Do you know where your father kept his homemade porn tapes?

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