Law and Order
Law and Order
L&O, Episode 2.15
Production number: 67417
First aired: 11 February 1992
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Teleplay By
René Balcer

Story By
Michael Duggan & René Balcer

Directed By
Daniel Sackheim

A teenager claims that he accidentally shot one of his classmates.




Main cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Tom Mason as Ian Maser
  • Michael Constantine as Defense Attorney Dan Banett
  • Lizbeth MacKay as Pamela Maser
  • Harley Cross as Jamie Maser
  • P.J. Barry as Range Owner
  • MacIntyre Dixon as Merrill
  • Ben Hammer as Judge Frank Markman
  • Bruce Katzman as Dr. Gilman
  • Michael Harney as Detective Gullikson
  • Will Friedle as Russ
  • Karron Graves as Lori
  • John Juback as Mr. Fenwick
  • Lynn Niederman Silver as Mrs. Fenwick
  • Roderick Garr as Officer Kelly
  • William Charlton as Officer Wheeler
  • Judd Trichter as Matt
  • Steven Brooker as Kid #1
  • Kennan Scott as Kid #2
  • Edward James Hyland as McCreary
  • Bjorn Johnson as CSU Policeman
  • William Duffy as CSU Tech
  • Sandra Bowie as Jury Foreman #1
  • Michael Dalby as Jury Foreman #2




"A gun so loved it had to have its own license."

- Ballistics Technician

"No one in this office walks on water!"

- Adam Schiff

"He was probably traumatized by the incident."
"Not enough to stay away from guns."

- Elizabeth Olivet and Paul Robinette

Background information and notes[]

  • This is actor Lee Shepherd's first appearance in an episode from Law & Order. He would reprise the role of Judge Joseph Gannon in the third season episode "Wedded Bliss", and later return as several different characters.
  • This is the only episode in which actor Ben Hammer appears as a Judge named Frank Markman. He is better known for his portrayal of Judge Herman Mooney in nine other Law & Order episodes.

Episode scene cards[]

1 2 3

Office of Ian Maser
624 72nd Street
Tuesday, October 17

Bishop's Academy
339 York Avenue
Tuesday, October 24

Supreme Court
Trial Part 67
Wednesday, December 10

4 5 6

Supreme Court
Trial Part 67
Friday, December 12

Supreme Court
Trial Part 71
Monday, March 2

Supreme Court
Trial Part 71
Thursday, March 5

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