SVU, Episode 11.08
Production number: 11008
First aired: 11 November 2009
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Elliot and Richard Stabler Turmoil
Written By
Judith McCreary

Directed By
Peter Leto


After risqué photos of a fifteen-year-old rape victim are leaked onto the internet, Stabler and Benson’s case becomes much more complicated. As the detectives’ case slowly morphs into an investigation by the State Bar, Stabler’s son Dickie becomes entangled in a streak of compromising events at the hands of his best friend Shane, a recovering drug addict. As Benson takes charge of the rape case, Stabler is forced to set his personal opinions aside and deal with the potentially life-threatening situation Dickie and Shane have gotten themselves into. Shane, a former drug addict, is later discovered brutally murdered. His killer is tracked down and confesses to the crime, having grown angry when Shane was unable to give him money for drugs. He enrages Fin when he shows no remorse for his actions at all.

Stabler hadn't wanted Dickie near Shane due to his past, but the autopsy confirms he had been off drugs for months. The rape victim tries to kill herself after Cabot decides not to press charges, but Benson finds her and manages to revive her. Cabot decides to refile charges and add new charges of witness tampering. She brings in the person who recanted her allegations, who is now willing to testify to what the rapist did. The lawyer asks for a deal, but Cabot decides to take the case to trial as the victim wanted her day in court over this and Cabot will make sure she gets it.

At the end, Dickie tries to get Stabler to sign papers so he can join the military, threatening to leave forever if he has to wait until he is eighteen. However, Stabler refuses and comforts his crying son instead.


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Manhatten Detention Complex; Commerce Bank; Cardinal Catholic Preparatory School; New York State Bar Association


Liam Black: Fallout is like Jello - there's always room for more.

Elliot Stabler: You've lost your mind.
Dickie Stabler: Well, I wouldn't be the first Stabler to do that, would I?

Sonya Paxton: I'm not the one with an axe to grind.
Alexandra Cabot: No, you just want to bury it in their back
Dickie Stabler:How 'bout you detective ever sleep with your partner?
Olivia Benson:  Never.
Alex Cabot: (to Sam Baylor) That means you're going to prison. And your going to find out exactly how Nikki felt when you raped her on the bathroom floor.

Background information and notes

  • This is the third time that a former ADA and the current ADA is seen in the same episode. The first time was in Ghost when Casey Novak was the current ADA and the second was in Lead when Kim Greylek was the current ADA.
  • Paxton was last seen on Hammered after been court ordered to go to rehab.
  • Second time that Cragen is suspended and Munch became acting commander; the first time was back in Alternate.
  • The 3rd Time that Alex shows her Office.
  • George Huang doesn't appear in this episode, presumably due to his 30-day suspension given at the end of Users.
  • The final appearance of Dickie Stabler and Kathy Stabler.


  • Benson does CPR wrong on the girl: when she does mouth to mouth, she doesn't close the girl's nose.

Episode scene cards

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Supreme Court
Pre-Trial Hearing Part 46
Tuesday, November 3

Newsome Residence
141-98 Poplar Street
Queens, New York
Tuesday, November 3

Cardinal Catholic
Preparatory School
80-14 Clintonville Street
Queens, New York
Tuesday, November 3

Homeless Shelter
194 West 123rd Street
Wednesday, November 4

5 6 7

Central Booking
One Police Plaza
Wednesday, November 4

Detention Complex
125 White Street
Wednesday, November 4

Detention Complex
125 White Street
Friday, November 6

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