Law and Order
"Turn Me On Take Me Private"
SVU, Episode 22.05
Production number: 22005
First aired (US): 14 January 2021
First aired (UK): 2 July 2021
First aired (CAN): 13 January 2021
First aired (AUS): 25 February 2021
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Teleplay By
Monet Hurst-Mendoza & Victoria Pollack & Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Story By
Victoria Pollack & Monet Hurst-Mendoza

Directed By
Juan José Campanella


The Special Victims Unit investigates a role-play session on a camgirl website turned violent when one user decides to meet his idol in person.


Zoey contacts her viewers who mostly reveal their innocence. Eventually, she reaches Gabe Miller who reveals he was the attacker. Having Zoey distract him so they could track him, the Special Victims Unit arrests him. Fin also discovered that Gabe has been stalking Zoey for a while with pictures of her on the wall.

Gabe is brought into interrogation being interviewed by Fin and Tamin but he denies raping her and states it was consensual but is not believed. After Gabe refuses to answer more questions, he states that as a certified Paralegal that he is invoking his rights to defend himself.

Carisi soon states with Gabe's defense that it was consensual might work, because of Zoey's occupation. However, Carisi says that he will get Gabe to plead to a deal since Zoey does not want to testify against him.

Gabe and his lawyer are reluctant to a deal because of the belief. Gabe initially makes plea deal for sexual misconduct.

However, in court he takes his decision back and promptly fires his surprised lawyer to represent himself in a trial. Benson notes that Gabe wants attention especially from Zoey.

It is also discovered that Gabe had been stalking Zoey for a while because he was the one who recommended the nursing home for her father revealing how he was able to locate where she lived.

Meanwhile, Carisi and Kat discuss the case with Gabe and Zoey. Carisi soon gets to the heart of the issue why Kat does not like him, to which she explains it is because of his lawyer attitude.

Before trial, Gabe started harassing Zoey for his own pleasure but is arrested for violating the restraining order by visiting her father. When things looked bleak, Kat speaks to Carisi and reveals she does not blame him for the case.

Very soon, Carisi makes a plan and brings in some of Zoey's other viewers, who all revealed that Zoey adores them too because they pay her to say so and they never tried to find out where she lived. These displays silently trigger Gabe after he questioned them. Gabe then subpoenas Zoey as a surprise witness. Carisi protests this while Gabe says he has new line of questions and Gabe's lawyer says he is within in his rights. Judge Catano soon tells Miller to remain in appropriate parameters. Carisi tells Tamin that Zoey must not give Gabe what he wants by answering his questions.

Zoey is brought in court, with Gabe apologizing for bringing her in. Gabe has Zoey confirm that she meant a comment for another viewer. After she does, he tries to get Zoey to say one of his comments that he told her on the video but she refuses to do so. Gabe reads it for her, saying she loves him. Carisi asks the judge what the meaning of this is and Catano agrees while Gabe says he is trying to get to the bigger issue. He looks to Zoey to say his comment again but Carisi silently tells Zoey not to answer and she again refuses. Gabe protests to the Judge who only tells him to move on. Gradually getting frustrated with Zoey, Gabe tells her that the usual routine is her doing what he asks while calling Zoey by her stage name “Kendra“. He then has an outburst, requiring the judge to order him to be taken away while he frantically professed his love to Zoey, once again calling her Kendra. However, Zoey says her real name and that he raped her and she did not want that. Infuriated at being led on, Gabe flies into a psychotic rage and breaks free from the guards to attack Zoey but is dragged out by court security guards, his screams for Zoey echoing in the courthouse halls, which shocks and disturbs Zoey, Carisi, Tamin, Judge Catano and the jury.

In the end, it is revealed that Gabe's lawyer stepped in on his behalf and Gabe was sentenced to seven years in prison for his crimes. Carisi reveals that he tried to inform Zoey but she became traumatized by the case and promptly went off the grid to get away from Miller. Hearing this, Tamin is livid about the outcome of the case, especially because Gabe basically stole Zoey's right to make a living while the squad failed to protect her. Benson tries to console her by offering days off, but Tamin is in no mood to be patronized and Fin offers to walk her out. Carisi and Benson note that Tamin has every right to be frustrated.


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  • Zoey: There is no Kendra! I'm Zoey and you raped me! That's the last thing that I wanted!
  • Miller: [suffering a breakdown as he is taken away] No, don't say that, Kendra! I love you, please, Kendra! Kendra, please! Kendra, tell them that you love me, please! Kendra! Take your hands off me, let me go back in there please!

Background Information and Notes

  • Rollins and Garland do not appear in this episode.
  • Warren Leight stated on Twitter he was extremely proud of this episode and praised Brightman and Noblezada's performances, saying they were some of the best performances he's ever seen.
  • Kat reveals her hostility to Carisi is because she cannot believe Carisi was ever a cop.

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Sunday, January 10

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Monday, January 11

Supreme Court
Part 52
Wednesday, January 13

Supreme Court
Part 52
Thursday, January 14

Supreme Court
Part 52
Thursday, January 14

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