L&O, Episode 7.16
Production number: K1120
First aired: 20 March 1997
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman, Gardner Stern & René Balcer

Directed By
Ed Sherin

Briscoe and Curtis serve an arrest warrant on a Hollywood director in the film executive murder case. (Part Two of Three)

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Mattawin Studios.

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McCoy: [a judge in L.A. has just ruled to nullify an extradition order] Speak up, Your Honor. There are some people in the Bronx who didn't hear you.

[During a motion hearing to clear Evan Grant of the murder charge]
Ross: The district attorney has concluded the weight of credible evidence against the defendant will not sustain the charges and withdraws, without prejudice, all pending criminal charges arising out of the events described in the indictment.
Judge Gance: Thank you, Miss Ross. Mr. Grant, the charges against you have been withdrawn. Your bail is exonerated, and you are free to go. We're adjourned. (bangs gavel)
[Evan and his attorney embrace, but Heidi's father in the gallery jumps out of his seat in protest]
Mr. Ellison: No! No! He killed my daughter! You can't do this!
Judge Gance: (bangs gavel) Order! Officer, please remove him from my courtroom.
Mr. Ellison: You can't do this! No! He killed my daughter! This is wrong! He's a murderer! That... That... That animal butchered my girl!
Judge Gance: ORDER!

[Mr. Ellison and his attorney speak to the press after Evan Grant is cleared of Heidi's murder]
Mr. Ellison: He's the one who did it, not Eddie Newman. Eddie Newman passed a lie detector test, and the DA knows it.
Attorney: (holding the polygraph results in hand) I have the results right here. The District Attorney has let loose a monster upon this city. Evan Grant killed Heidi Ellison, and he'll kill again.
[Ross exits the courthouse]
Reporter: Miss Ross, is it true you had the polygraph results?
Ross: Lie detector tests are inadmissible in court for good reason. They're unreliable. Our evidence points to Mr. Newman's guilt.

Schiff: I want you to kick the living daylights outta Neal Gorton. You can dig up Thomas Dewey to help ya! You're gonna win this case! Whatever you have to do, I want a conviction!

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • Goof: DeAnn Mears is credited as "Judge Maria Ganz" but the nameplate shown lists her character's name as "Maria Gance".
  • A quote from Adam Schiff ("You can dig up Thomas Dewey to help you."). Thomas Dewey was a New York prosecutor who made it his mission to take down the mob in the 1930s and 1940s. He was Governor of New York State from 1943 to 1954, and even ran for President in 1948. Dewey was predicted to win that election, but lost to the incumbent, Harry S. Truman.
  • This episode (along with "D-Girl" and "Showtime") is part of a trilogy which has strongly been ripped from the headline of the notorious, controversial, and highly publicized O.J. Simpson murder case. Locations, characters, and other aspects loosely resemble those that came to denote the affair.

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1 2 3

Traffic Division
NY State Police
Wednesday, December 27

Office of
Jim Fenwick
20 Wall Street
Friday, December 29

Judith Harvey Center
Rehab. Clinic
Kanan Dume Road, Malibu
Thursday, January 4

4 5 6

Superior Court
LA County
Tuesday, January 9

Forensics Garage
One Police Plaza, NY
Friday, January 12

Superior Court
LA County
Monday, January 15

7 8

Superior Court
LA County
Wednesday, January 17

Penthouse of
Frank Cooper
Central City, CA
Friday, January 19

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