Law and Order
"Tuxedo Hill"
CI, Episode 1.22
Production number: E2127
First aired: 10 May 2002
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Written By
René Balcer

Directed By
Steve Shill

Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a man linked to a corporate finance officer, and uncover a stock manipulation scheme.


A girl is found behind a diner in the early morning by two travelers. They find blood on her coat and call the police. The girl's mother, Elizabeth Dawson, is found in a car driven off the side of the road into a tree on Staten Island. She had been brought to the attention of discrepancies in the earnings report of the company where she worked as vice president of financials. At first it seems she was feigning not knowing anything about her accident to cover up for having killed her boyfriend, whom a coworker says Elizabeth confided that she thought was cheating on her. In the end, it turns out that upper management of her company framed her so that she would sign off on the earnings report despite the discrepancies. The head of the company and some few others were running a Ponzi scheme that benefitted them but not the investors by pretending to have great projected profits so people would invest but selling their own stock once everyone had invested.


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Alexandra Eames: That would make it two coincidences.
Robert Goren: One more and it's a conspiracy.

Robert Goren: V.P.C.F.
Jack Crawley: I'm not familiar with that acronym.
Robert Goren: Oh, I just made it up.

Jack Crawley: "The Tuxedo Hill Group is a special purpose partnership capitalized by third-party equity to hedge certain Mattawin assets".
[Goren and Eames look at each other.] 
Eames: "We have no idea what you just said."

"That's a cute dog. Isn't it cute? What's his name?"
"Ebit. Is that because he's such a itty-bitty little doggy?"
-Robert Goren and Karyn Milner

"Diamonds and dogs. All the best friends a girl needs."
-Alexandra Eames

"I'll let you in on corporate Americas dirty secret. Financial statements are Rubik's cubes. Confusion and mystery are built into the design. They are met to be inscrutable, unknowable."
- Jack Crawley

"No! No, look! You're going to need me!"
"And what can you offer to make up for the misery you prepared to wreak on thousands of people who trusted you? What terrorists do to us with guns and bombs, you tried to do with an accounting trick! Don't you think for a minute that you deserve anything better than they do."
-Robert Goren and Jack Crawley

Background information and notes

  • This episode was based on the Enron scandal. Enron was an American energy company that went bankrupt, after a series of revelations involving irregular accounting procedures conducted throughout the 1990s.
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