"Under God"
L&O, Episode 13.12
Production number: E3313
First aired: 5 February 2003
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Written By
Marc Guggenheim & Noah Baylin

Directed By
Gloria Muzio


A drug dealer turns up dead, leading detectives to members of a neighborhood watch group whose lives were poisoned by the victim. The priest who leads the group confesses to the crime, claiming that God told him to do it.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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David Parker; Cathy Briscoe; Fischer Locksmith; Scott Giddins; Pupchek's Bar


(about Father Hogan)

Arthur Branch: Justification?
Serena Southerlyn: "Yes, I killed, but God told me to."
Arthur Branch: You gotta admit, it's a lot more creative than "the Devil made me do it".
Jack McCoy: Next stop, virgin sacrifices.

Jack McCoy: Smile, Serena. This is our Inherit the Wind. This is where we get to prove in a court of law that there is no big guy up there with the white beard pulling invisible strings.
Serena Southerlyn: So what exactly did those nuns do to you?

Arthur Branch: This country could use a double dose of whatever God's got on special today.
Jack McCoy: Perhaps, but not in the courtroom.

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Episode scene cards

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St. Cassandra's Hospital
1779 Third Street
Thursday, December 6

Apartment of
Bill Parker
61 Ridge Street
Friday, December 7

Pupcheck's Bar
18 Avenue A
Friday, December 7

4 5 6

Fischer Locksmith
193 East Broadway
Monday, December 10

Port Authority
Bus Terminal
Police Department
Monday, December 10

27th Precinct
Tuesday, December 11

7 8 9

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Tuesday, December 18

Supreme Court
Trial Part 89
Tuesday, January 22

Supreme Court
Trial Part 89
Thursday, January 24

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