SVU, Episode 8.07
Production number: 08007
First aired: 14 November 2006
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Written By
Amanda Green

Directed By
Jonathan Kaplan

Plot[edit | edit source]

Stabler and Beck investigate the murder of a teenage girl with a paw-print on her lower back and soon discovers that she is one of three girls who were raped and murdered. It is soon discovered that the third victim, Chantal, was a prostitute working for a man named Victor. As the case gets more intense, Beck becomes emotionally involved in the case. Victor is captured, but he escapes from prison and kidnaps a girl who could send him away for a long time. Stabler and Beck track him down and Beck is forced to kill Victor in self-defense, but they are able to save the victim.

Cast[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Jason Young: He said he'd give me an iPod.
Dani Beck: You threw away your future for an iPod?

Elliot Stabler: You can't get over-involved in this stuff. Every one of these cases will break your heart.
Dani Beck: Really?
Elliot Stabler: Yeah.

(on tattoos)

Stabler: Let's have a look, see if your guy is as good as you say he is.
Beck: Take my word for it.
Stabler: I'll show you mine.
Beck: It wouldn't be a fair trade.

Thomas: Mr. Peters? Here? This late? You gotta be kidding. Partners are all outta here by happy hour.
Munch: Well, you got any idea where he might be?
Thomas: He doesn't share his social calender with first year associates.
Fin: Come on, man. Help a brotha out. My Captain's gonna put me on permanent midnights if I don't find him.
Thomas: And if I don't get this distribution exactly right, my ass will be on the street. Sorry, brotha.
Munch: Guess the only color he cares about is green.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • Marcus Fitzgerald, Diane Neal's real-life husband (until they divorced in 2014), makes a small appearance as "Marcus", an ADA with Homicide. In Season 7's final episode, Marcus Fitzgerald was also Casey Novak's ex-fiancee, Charlie.
  • Benson meets Dani Beck.

Episode scene cards[edit | edit source]

1 2 3

Lennie's Tattoos
113 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, New York
Friday, October 20

Broder House Group Home
547 Fountain Avenue
Brooklyn, New York
Friday, October 20

Law Offices of
Peters, Lariet and Kaplan
44 West 52nd Street
Friday, October 20

4 5 6

Wallis Inn
59 Gold Street
Friday, October 20

Residence of Venice Jones
73 East 16th Street
Brooklyn, New York
Friday, October 20

Victor Bodine's Loft
3 North 11th Street
Williamsburg, New York
Friday, October 20

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