• I live in Massachusetts
  • I was born on January 9
  • I am Male
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Ray Schenkel
Alias: Gnostic85
Favorite Characters: Elliot Stabler
Katie Nicholson
Ray Schenkel
Favorite Season: SVU Season 10
D.O.B.: 9 January, 1985
Gender: Male
Place: Massachusetts, United States of America
Edit Count: 3,257 (Estimated)
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Law & Order Actors Met #: 3
Law & Order Actors Met List: Kat Pogo
Joe Osheroff
Aaron Marcus

Hi! I am Gnostic, and I live in Massachusetts. By day I am a theatre buff and 3D art enthusiast. Due to a combination of boredom and unemployment, I have taken to helping out with fan wikis. Most of my work can be seen on the Marvel and DC Databases.

I got hooked on police procedurals in the summer of 2007. SVU and CI became my favorites because sometimes they would have character insights that allowed you to see how the actors thought.


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