Lady Aleena

  • I live in my head
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is homemaker, nitpicker, admin of the Tommy Westphall Universe
  • I am female

I am Lady Aleena, admin of the Tommy Westphall Universe wiki. The Tommy Westphall Universe (TWU) contains over 450 connected television series including the Law & Order universe. I am here looking for editors who would like to help me improve the articles on the TWU about Law & Order and to build a bridge between our communities by offering a place for non-canon live-action crossovers to be cataloged. In that way, your wiki here can remain free of the insanity that is the TWU.

The Law & Order universe became part of the Tommy Westphall Universe when it crossed over with Homicide: Life on the Street. The L&O universe is a major hub in the TWU, especially the character John Munch. The alliance of Dick Wolf with Tom Fontana is the foundation of the TWU.

Our Law & Order Universe and its related articles need some work. So if anyone here would be willing to come over and lend a hand to improve them, I would be grateful.

Leave a note on my talk page here or there if you have any questions.

My interest in crossovers and the TWU started with Law & Order. I have watched the various Law & Order series over the years, but the only one I can claim to have watched in its entirety is Conviction.

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