Hi I’m Ryan. I live on the Gold Coast, Australia. I have been a diehard Law & Order: SVU fan since 2012 and a diehard Stephen King fan since 2014. I am addicted to editing wikias and strive for perfection, accurateness and up to date informatIon. I believe the more info on one page, as long as it is correct and accurate, the better. I don’t really know how to talk on wikia pages because I do 95% of my editing on my phone and I’m more editing then responding to wiki mail, so if you do have a problem with my edits or you think I’ve stated the wrong category, please dm me on @svulosersclub_mh on instagram. Unless it is a recurring problem, I probably won’t respond because I don’t know how to respond on peoples pages appropriately. Please note I try to use accurate and trustworthy sources, articulately Twitter and Also think some candidates for deletion should be deleted. If they are candidates for something which is deletion, they should be deleted and not left sitting there, cluttering the page.

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