So, I just found this blog tonight. I didn't think anyone else really appreciated the series as much as I did. I'm pleased to find like-minded fans. I've never been one to boast upon art, but I feel like Dick Wolf really created a piece of art with this series. Folks always talk about how art can influence their lives. I personally have never put much merit in such sayings.

That being said, I feel like, in this rare instance, that art has inflicted a profound influence on my life. I started watching the series in the first season of L&O with my grandfather when I was very young. I loved it. I simply could not pull myself away from the television.

While considering myself the complete opposite of most die hard TV fans (Trekkies???)....I can honestly say that L&O influenced my life. After college I went into law enforcement to see and feel the things that Lennie Briscoe felt. Not long after, I went to law school wanting nothing more than to be as influential and well-spoken as John McCoy. Here, several years later, I find myself a judge. I hear criminal cases, conduct probable cause hearings, conduct bail hearings, issue search warrants, and generally live and breathe the criminal justice system.

If any other fans have found that L&O has had an impact of your life similar to this, I would love to hear about it. Furthermore, if Dick Wolf happens to check this blog, know, sir, that your art, so it be called, has influenced my life in the greatest way possible. I am doing good work, in the name of justice, simply from the lessons "ripped from the headlines" in your show.