Before the new season starts in the fall, i want to say how I feel about the previous season. It is sad that the new Law & Order series, Law & Order: LA, will come to an end. I was getting use to that show and it was nice to see someone from the original Law & ORder series again. But it is too bad that we will not see a show in the original Law & Order format with a police investigtion followed by a criminal prosecution. SVU isn't the same. If you're lucky, you might get to see a police procedural instead of a crappy soap opera like season 12's Bombshell episode which was a waste of time. And if you are even more lucky, you might actually see a trial and see today's issues being argued between lawyers in front of a judge and jury. Criminal Intent went beyond the investigators of the 27th's Homicide and 16th's SVU. Detective Robert Goren is the kind of Detective who gets inside your head and messes around until you break. He is the kinda of detective any squad would be lucky to have and it is sad knowing that Goren and Eames might not come back. But at least Warren Leight will be replacing Neal Baer in the next season as showrunner and he did a fine job on Criminal Intent's 6th and 7th seasons. And with Mariska Hargitay wanting a lighter workload, there are rumors that Jennifer Love Hewitt might be joining the cast of SVU. I would love to see her join the cast and it is about time a fresh face appeared and STAYED on the show. She played a great investigator on GHost Whisperer, at least better than and longer season than Goldblum's Raines and her guest appearence on SVU last season was my favorite. Some angery fans say they don't see an actress who played a rape victim in the previous season play an cop in the next season. Get over it fans!!!! It has happened before! Jeremey sisto played a deffense lawyer in season 17 of LAw & ORder before joinging the cast in season 18. JErry Orback played a deffense laywer in season 2 before joining the cast in the 9th episode of season 3. Get over it! Besides, is here anyone better you's want to see? Probably? Chris Noth, William Petersen, Kathryn Morris? Sure, but it's not like she is the worse actress to have play a cop.

I am definatley looking forward to the new season of SVU this fall and i hope there is some chance for Goren and Eames in the near future in New York and preferably next fall. Yes to season 13 of SVU and no to Law & ORder Miami. It's just too bad that the networks won't hold on to such terrific shows.