Jacob Rollins is the younger brother of Amanda and Kim Rollins

JL the superhuman/Jacob Rollins
Name Jacob Rollins
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Division Manhattan Special Victims Unit
Precinct 16th Precinct (2016-present)
Occupation Police officer

Football player (formerly)

Pathology Football player
Family Beth Anne Rollins (mother)

Amanda Rollins (sister)

Kim Rollins (sister)

Erin Lindsay (wife)

Status Alive
Actor Jacob Lyons
Don't you dare put your hands on my big sister : Jacob Rollins


Jacob is a former high school football player who decided to become a cop like his sister Amanda. He joined the Special Victims Unit at 21 years old, but he is afraid of firing a gun due to his fear of loud noises so Olivia has him wear ear plugs to drown the sound out. He later gets tourted while being undercover and Amanda and the rest of the SVU team search for him. Jacob can be overprotective of his sisters at times mostly overprotective of Amanda. He sometimes wishes he had went to college and played in the NFL instead of being a cop, but he wanted to make sure he was with his sister at all time. Jacob also survived a plane crash, but was badly injured.


  • Jacob cares about Amanda.
  • His favorite band is Survivor.
  • He almost arrested his own sister Kim because she was doing drugs.
  • Once in a while he eats dinner alone.
  • He cited Shawn Michaels and Undertaker in wrestling.
  • Jacob's favorite songs by Survivor are Burning Heart, Eye of the Tiger and Man Against the World.
  • He is sometimes if there is a concert in town Jacob will invite his teammates to one even his boss Olivia because he thinks she shouldn't be alone.
  • He only cares about his life, his mother, the Lord, teammates and sisters though he seems to also care about Helena.
  • Jacob doesn't allow anyone to harm Kim or Amanda.
  • He is friends with Erin Lindsay and sorta has a crush on her.
  • He marries Erin Lindsay.