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    Visiting Alex

    November 2, 2017 by Paralie Marquena

    Making haste, Rafael Barba grabbed his scarf and wool coat, looking in the mirror to make sure he was at least presentable.

    "Raffi!"  His wife, Alisia, came into the room.  "Please be back before supper.  We have to plan your 50th birthday."

    "I know,"  he said.  "I can't imagine I'll be there long."

    "I know I said this already,"  she murmured.  "You don't have to go.  You're forcing yourself to go."

    "We all know things.  But we don't really."  Rafael slipped on his coat and rung the scarf around his neck.  "Maybe I want to see him.  Maybe we aren't friends, but we are acquaintances.  I should see him and I think maybe I want to"

    Aghast, Alisia blurted out, "And he was sexually aroused by a 15-year-old girl."  

    "Alisia, we've been over this.  I g…

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