With the broadcast last night of Law & Order - Criminal Intent (26 June ,'11), we say goodbye, to what I thought was the best L&O spinoff, and a huge part of that, is due to the terrific acting of the cast - especially Mr. Vincent D'Onofrio, as Det. Goren.

Mr. D'Onofrio's character was one of the most complex characters on television. He was both brilliant, and tortured.

I'm not going to write a synopsis of the series, or characters. I just want to say thank you ALL (both in front of and' behind the camera) on L&O CI for a terrific 10 years.

I know others would agree, when I say it would be great if Goren & Eames returned in a couple of movie-length episodes a few times a year, much as another great detective did - the late, great COLUMBO.

In any event, continued success to one and all.

U.N. Owen NYC