Ryanfellowsfitts23 as an admin[edit source]

Hello. I have serious concerns about Ryanfellowsfitts23's ability as an admin. He has had a history of inserting false information into articles that he creates. For example, he created an article on Tony Kelly, a character who appeared in the SVU episode Revenge. I watched that episode afterwards and had to fix a lot of the content that he presented in his first go. In another example, he filled in an article on Michelle Osborne, a character who appeared in the SVU episode Birthright. Having seen that episode at least twice before, I knew the information he implemented was false and/or incomplete. Thus, I had to make fixes to that article too.

This and a number of other similar instances have led me to believe that he has not fully watched the episodes in question, or he may simply be using outside sources for his information. Though he has made good contributions in terms of categories, I don't trust him when it comes to creating articles and summaries. Someone like that is not yet fit to become an admin for this Wikia, in my honest opinion. I seriously urge you to reconsider your offer to give him admin rights here. Thank you. Season Fourteen (talk) 22:10, May 19, 2019 (UTC)

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