Law and Order
SVU, Episode 11.07
Production number: 11007
First aired (US): 4 November 2009
First aired (UK): 27 November 2009
First aired (CAN): 6 November 2009
First aired (AUS): 8 April 2010
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Written By
Michael Angeli

Directed By
David Platt


Benson and Dr. Huang clash during the investigation into sexual abuse of addicts in rehab.


After learning that the victim's drug addict boyfriend Enzo witnessed abuse by Martin Gold, Huang wants to use him as a witness, but Enzo needs to be clean of his heroin addiction for it to work, and Martin takes him back before Huang can treat him. Huang locates Enzo and takes him to a clinic to be given an illegal drug that could cure him of his addiction completely, but could cause Huang to lose his license. Enzo takes the chance as he wants to get clean, but Gold has been feeding his addiction. Enzo takes the drug and is next seen begging Gold for more heroin.

He convinces Gold to give it to him and the cops bust in and arrest Gold. It turns out Enzo is now completely clean of drugs and came back to help the cops get evidence of Gold. He has no plans to go back on drugs and plans to testify against Gold who protests his arrest. Realizing Huang helped Enzo, Gold threatens Huang's career, but Huang reveals he already reported himself for his illegal actions and has gotten a 30-day suspension, but coldly tells Gold that it was completely worth it since it meant putting a monster like him behind bars.


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Alex Cabot upon seeing Enzo vomiting in the toilet while detoxing: Looks like your case just went down the toilet.

Martin Gold: "You gave him Ibogaine, you'll lose your license I'm reporting you."
Dr. George Huang: "I already reported myself thirty day suspension of my license. It was worth it."
Martin Gold and George Huang about the latter helping Enzo

Background information and notes

  • This is the first episode of the season to have all the original cast from season two to five to appear as well in the opening credits.
  • This is YouTube superstar Justine "iJustine" Ezarik's special appearance.

Episode scene cards

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Ascot Hotel
13 Kenmare Street
Wednesday, October 28

Dunne Residence
211 East 72nd Street
Wednesday, October 28

Office of
Assistant District Attorney
Alexandra Cabot
Thursday, October 29

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Dunne Residence
211 East 72nd Street
Thursday, October 29

A Sheltered Place,
Family Night
145 West 69th Street
Thursday, October 29

A Sheltered Place
145 West 69th Street
Monday, November 2

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