Vanessa Bevins
Name Vanessa Bevins
Occupation Waitress
Pathology Assailant
Family Ray Bevins (father)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Status Deceased
Actor Uncredited
First Appearance "Grief"

Vanessa Bevins was a waitress, student of Hudson University, and a victim of repeated rape.


She got a job at a bar to help pay tuition and eventually entered a relationship with the owner, Perry Williams. After a while he began raping her repeatedly. Vanessa called the rape crisis center asking for help understanding what rape was and the counselor told her what Perry was doing to her was rape. A week after she talked to the counselor, Perry encouraged Vanessa to start drinking and stop taking her medication, which she did.

As a result of her boss raping her repeatedly, she stole a gun from where she went to school in preparation to assault Perry. However, at the last minute, she decided against killing him. After he raped her again, she committed suicide, which was initially believed to have been murder. Her primary perpetrator, boyfriend, and employer, Perry Williams, was shot to death by her father, Ray Bevins. (SVU: "Grief")