"Vaya Con Dios"
L&O, Episode 10.24
Production number: E1108
First aired: 24 May 2000
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McCoy Schiff Carmichael Vaya Con Dios
Written By
René Balcer & Richard Sweren

Directed By
Christopher Misiano


After the death of a man who tried to find who was responsible for the torture-killing of his son in Chile many years ago, McCoy goes after a colonel.


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Officer: Figure him for a vagrant, looking for a warm place to sleep.
Lennie Briscoe: Well, he found it.

Lennie Briscoe: Whoo, this is nice. Hey, how much is this?
Store owner: $5,000.
Lennie Briscoe: For a suit?
Store owner: For a jacket.

If he had anything to do with killing this man's kid, he better run. 27 years ago or not.

–Lennie Briscoe about Captain Albrecht

Let me guess. Voice mail-hell in Spanish?

–Lennie Briscoe

Lennie Briscoe: Our suspect's an American, but uh, who did the call go to?
Belinda Rojas: To Colonel Emilio Pantoya.
Lennie Briscoe: Director of Intelligence for Pinochet? From what I've read, Pantoya's practically a war criminal.
Belinda Rojas: Old history. Chile's a democracy now. Colonel Pantoya's a senator.

Paul Wheeler: It's not an American problem.
Jack McCoy: A dead American is not your problem?
Paul Wheeler: It's over and done with, Mr. McCoy.

Lennie Briscoe: You're under arrest, Colonel.
Emilio Pantoya: Arrest? What for?
Ed Green: Conspiracy to commit murder.
Emilio Pantoya: I'm sorry, my friend, but I have immunity. Blanket immunity.
Lennie Briscoe: The same blanket you put over Jason Whitman's corpse?

Mr. Reyes: They hung me upside down by my ankles and burned me with cigarettes. They put electrodes on my tongue and my eyelids. They would not let me sleep. They tried to drown me. Three times they put a gun to my head and pretended to shoot me. They did this to me for two months.
Jack McCoy: And you're positive that the people who tortured you were under the command of Colonel Pantoya?
Mr. Reyes: Yes. He visited the prison many times. The man you laughed at, the man hanging like a pig, it was me. Through my blood and my tears, I saw you, Colonel.

There was war and anarchy in my country. Allende and his pack of communists were stealing private property bankrupting the country with their irresponsible ideas. Then we acted to save the republic and we acted with support of the American government.

–Emilio Pantoya

A man has only the rights he can defend. Our most basic right is life. It's enshrined not only in our Constitution but in the charter of the United Nations. The prohibition against taking a life is found in our most ancient texts and in the statutes of every nation. Every murder, whether in Brooklyn, Santiago, Rwanda or Kosovo, demands punishment by whatever legal means possible. Otherwise, the right to life is just an empty promise.

–Jack McCoy

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