SVU, Episode 7.18
Production number: 07019
First aired: 28 March 2006
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Written By
Judith McCreary

Directed By
Peter Leto


A case hits close to home for Fin when his son becomes suspect in a complex homicide investigation.


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Cragen: You're not going in there.
Tutuola: That's my son in there, Captain. Why didn't you call me?
Cragen: Because he didn't want us to. He's over 18 and he's in a lot of trouble. You plan on making it worse?
Tutuola: I plan on asking him what the hell he was doing looking for a body.
Munch: What you should be asking is why he called Olivia instead of you.
Tutuola: That's a separate issue and trust me, I will address that.
Munch: No doubt with your usual diplomacy.
Tutuola: What goes on between me and my son is none of your damn business!
Cragen: But it is mine! And right now, I want to know whose body it is, where it is, and who put it there.
Tutuola: You mind if I listen in?

Like you know yours, right? Tell me, is your daughter still driving drunk or has she moved up to something stronger? Next thing you know, she's gonna be swingin' off a pole.

–Tutuola to Stabler

Teresa: You and I need to talk.
Odafin: Talk or yell?
Teresa: That's up to you.

Come on. Prisons are full of innocent people and we both know what color most of them are.


You're damn right it's about the family! Every last one of you is gonna have to be in that courtroom. You're gonna have to testify. Your lives out in the open for everyone to judge, same way you all been doing to me since day one. They gonna know what kinda cop you are, and what kind of husband and father you weren't. They gonna know all about my brother's sexual habits and his collusion. And I guarantee once that comes out, everybody's gonna wonder why he's not being charged too. They gonna think his cop father has friends in your office, Ms. Novak. And I hope you have a damn good explanation. 'Cause cover-up makes for a nice headline. Never mind a no-good mother is dead and her poor baby is missing, even though the baby is better off. So yeah, I'm going to prison, but not for as long as you think. 'Cause once Theresa Rendall takes that stand...and has to tell the truth...that festering bitch is gonna have to claim me for the first time in her miserable life. And let's see her shake me after that. So you wanna bury me? You go right ahead 'cause I'm taking you all down with me when you do.

–Darius Parker rants at Tutuola and Novak

Cragen: Nobody in my department cuts corners or goes for an easy close.
Tutuola: And that's your opinion, Captain?
Cragen: And for your son's sake, you better be grateful it's the only thing that matters.

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the Texas v. Cobb case, which was mentioned in the episode.

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Apartment of
Teresa Randall
167 West 131st Street
Wednesday, March 8

Apartment of
Steven Stansfield
77 West 128th Street
Wednesday, March 8

Apartment of
Darius Parker
120 West 133rd Street
Friday, March 10

Chambers of
Judge Lois Preston
Tuesday, March 14

Campus Room Cafe
Hudson University
Tuesday, March 14

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