Vic Bowman
Vic Bowman.jpg
Name William Hendry
Title Mitch LeBlanc
Pathology Kidnapper
Convicted murderer
Family Unnamed wife
Status Imprisoned
Actor Brian Tarantina
First Appearance "Prisoner"

Vic Bowman (alias Mitch LeBlanc) is a murderer.

History[edit | edit source]

Bowman was serving 25 years for murder when he developed a close relationship with William Hendry, the warden, who had been embezzling money from his workplace. Hendry hired him to kill his wife, but Bowman double-crossed him because he never intended to kill anyone on his way out of prison. Instead, he kidnapped Hendry's wife and later told her what her husband planned to do. After that, she went with him to protect herself.

Ten years later, Bowman was found by the authorities and arrested after being framed by Hendry, who found out what had happened and hoped to discredit him in order to protect himself. However, the Major Case Squad eventually uncovered Hendry's corruption and exonerated Bowman. (CI: "Prisoner")

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