SVU, Episode 2.13
Production number: E1420
First aired: 9 February 2001
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Stabler Victims
Written By
Nick Kendrick

Directed By
Constantine Makris

A former police officer is the prime suspect in the murders of known sex offenders.


Elliot has a rough time when he helps investigate the murders of sex offenders (one of whom Elliot put away) and it is soon discovered that a former cop turned community activist may be responsible for the murders.


After Thomas Marchak is found dead, Stabler is shocked to discover that he was a sadistic rapist he had caught in the past. This situation becomes more troubled as suspicions fall on his victim's mother who was stalking Marchak, and Cragen has to force Stabler to arrest her. She is cleared but her remarks and yet another murdered rapist leads to Sam Winfield, a former cop turned activist, because his flyers containing the victims' mugshots along with two others are found in the scenes. Again unwilling, the team provides protection for these intended targets and after the house of one is shot at, Winfield is arrested, but since his gun does not match the murder weapon, they need a confession. Using his own experience, which is very similar to Winfield's last case, Stabler is able to make him confess to witnessing the first murder, and after the second, having shot the house to scare the man away. The first victim's girlfriend, Gloria Palmera, then tries to commit suicide and survives when Stables and Benson rescue her. She admits to the murders, but her story is suspicious and it is ultimately revealed that her friend Louise Durning, a social worker, is the killer. She found out Marchak knowingly passed HIV to Gloria and killed both men to save other women from the same fate. However, Louise is likely not to outlast her sentence since she herself is dying of AIDS. Stabler ends up facing the possibility of being infected with HIV.


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"You okay? You wanna go grab a drink?"
"No, I should go home."
"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow."
"You will."

- Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler

"Hi Corrine. It's me, Elliot. Do you remember?" (no answer) "I almost didn't recognize you. It's been so long. You've grown a lot. How've you been?"
"I remember you. You caught that man."
"Thank you."
"You never have to thank me for that."

- Elliot Stabler and Corrine Wilson

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