Victor Moran
Name Victor Moran
Title Detective
Affiliation New York City Police Department
Division Major Case Squad
Homicide Department (formerly)
Precinct One Police Plaza
Family Unnamed wife (deceased)
Joy Moran (daughter; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Delroy Lindo
First Appearance "Baggage"

Victor Moran was a detective of 20 years with the NYPD. He spent fifteen years in Homicide and five in Major Cases. Moran first starts out somewhat rude towards the SVU crew, but later grows to get along with them, he was a bit obsessed with finding the killer of the women. Its eventually revealed that nearly six months before while he was working the case, Moran's fed-up wife left him and took their daughter twelve-year old daughter Joy. The two suffered a car accident that left Moran's wife dead and his daughter in a persistent coma due to a severe head injury Joy suffered. Moran's obsession with the case comes from his belief that his case and the killer were responsible for his losses.

With the help of SVU, particularly Elliot Stabler, Moran is finally able to catch the killer Mark Ocurro. Occuro subsequently confesses to the murders and a couple of more committed in the Dominican Republic. Afterwards, Moran decides to move forward with his life and has Joy taken off life support, but donates her organs. Though mourning his loss, Moran tells Stabler that its a second chance which everyone needs.

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