Victor Tate
Name Victor Tate
Occupation Prisoner
Pathology Alleged rapist
Family Unnamed mother
Status Imprisoned
Actor Chike Johnson
First Appearance "Unstable"
Last Appearance "Confidential"

Victor Tate is a man who is imprisoned for a rape he did not commit.


In 1998 he was arrested by Elliot Stabler and convicted for the beating and rape of Katie Harris at knifepoint. When another woman named Rena West is raped the same way in 2009, doubt is cast as to whether Tate is guilty. A pattern emerges when more rapes and one rape-murder points to one man: Mark Foster. After interrogating the man he confesses to all the rapes including Katie Harris' and Elliot meets with Victor and tells him the good news. Unfortunately for Tate, before Foster can be convicted, he is taken to the bathroom where he commits suicide (motive unknown). Because his statement to the cops is inadmissible, Tate is stuck in Sing Sing to serve the rest of his sentence. (SVU: "Unstable")

After another inmate named Daniel Hardy is proven innocent of a murder, he is brought in to see Victor when Stabler realizes a mistake he made in that case. Victor is seen scrubbing the floors as Stabler tells Hardy that it could have been him, had Ingrid Block not come forward. (SVU: "Confidential")

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