Victor Tybor
Name Victor Tybor
Affiliation Andre Bushido
Albanian Crime Syndicate (former)
Occupation Smuggler
Status Unknown
Actor Reg E. Cathey
First Appearance "Wildlife"

Victor Tybor was an alias used by a deep-undercover federal agent. Assistant to convicted murderer and smuggler Andre Bushido, he is currently serving time in prison for his part in 15 murders, including the murder of U.S. Customs Agent Michael Kanicki. (SVU: "Wildlife")

Fictional History

The American-born son of Kenyan immigrants, Victor Tybor had a great desire to succeed in the United States and thus worked his way up through the smuggling business until he caught the eye of animal smuggler Andre Bushido. Bushido was a highly cautious man, but he took a liking to Tybor, who was smart enough to know when to keep his mouth shut but also knew how to take initiative. Together, they built up a highly successful smuggling operation.

In 2008, one of Bushido's smugglers, Natalie Bleers, was mauled to death by a tiger. Whether this was an accident or the result of Bushido's machinations is unrevealed, but it left the operation in need of some new blood. As luck would have it, Tybor and Bushido were soon after approached by a previous client, Gots Money, who introduced them to U.S. Customs Agent Michael Kanicki. Kanicki was eager to get in on the money that the smuggling could bring in, and seemed reliably incurious. Unfortunately, Kanicki was not cautious, and when Bushido caught him with an escort, he shot Kanicki and left him for dead, not realizing that Kanicki was actually an undercover police officer, Detective Elliot Stabler. This brought down the wrath of the NYPD upon Bushido and Tybor, and Bushido was sent away for life.