Vincent Boyd
Name Vincent Boyd
Pathology Convicted robber
Double rapist
Status Deceased
Actor Justin Hagan
First Appearance "Tangled"

Vincent Boyd was an ex-con who later became a stalker, rapist, and murderer.


Vincent previously served time in prison for robbery and assault and was released. He eventually moved into an apartment building where he developed an obsession with his downstairs neighbor, Lara Todd. After she started dating a married doctor he grew jealous. When Lara came into his room he got suspicious and turned on a camera. Lara told him that the doctor, Max Welker, wanted to hire him to kill his wife so he and Lara could be together Vincent took the money but formed his own plan.

Vincent broke into the Welkers' home tied up Max and raped his wife while Max watched. After he finished, Vincent beat Max to death and left. After the cops started investigating, Vincent went to Lara's apartment and raped her too because he knew she could not report him to the police. Lara, however, went back to his apartment and killed him using his own gun. (SVU: "Tangled")

Known Victims

  • 2001:
    • April 3: The Welkers:
      • Peyton Welker (raped)
      • Max Welker (tied up and beaten to death)
    • April 5: Lara Todd (raped)
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